•In country briefings (the cultural background and business culture of the country you are working in)

•Success in Business (how to deal with any new culture, with special reference to the cultures you are working with) more

•Managing multi-cultural teams (how to deal with staff or managers from other cultural backgrounds) more

•Selling overseas (understanding management styles, leadership and negotiating styles, how meetings are run and what people expect of presentations) more

•Customer care skills overseas (client expectations and how to meet them, communication skills across cultures). more

•Internet, e-mail and cyber cross-cultural communication skills. more

•Inbound Executives arriving into British culture. more

•Repatriation (including mentoring with home based relevant staff and family members). more

•Assessment programmes for corporates interested in identifying the most likely candidates for specific foreign assignments. more

•Presentations Across Cultures. more

•Writing Across Cultures – email mentoring programme. more

At Culture Shock! Consulting, we are only too aware of the “hidden agenda” of managers and their partners when faced with the unknown of a foreign assignment. The pressure by their companies for them to perform, based on their company skills, tends to minimise the psychological problems that the assignee and their family faces going in to a foreign culture. This anxiety is seldom discussed, but it detracts from the main aim of the assignment and can have disastrous financial and social effects for both the corporation and the assignee.
Culture Shock! Consulting’s unique holistic approach to cross-cultural training is based on its goal of lowering the anxiety level of international assignees and their families by providing them with practical tools to deal with any new culture.
We believe in spending the valuable time that is allotted to us by delivering these  tools through interactive, dynamic and fun activities (leaving the country specific “information” to the multitude of resources available… including our books!) as well as separate break out sessions  with our country specific consultants who respond to the individual needs of each delegate based on a detailed needs analysis form which is completed by each delegate prior to the seminar. All of our country consultants are ex-patriates who have recently lived and worked in the target country or city.
Through our Culture Shock! Guides, we have a unique reservoir of over 150 authors, consultants, and contributors, (all ex-patriates) who are, or have lived and worked in the more than 65 countries with which Culture Shock! Consulting is dealing.

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